Why you should choose Hammond Opticians for your next eye test

Effective communication is vital during an eye examination so that the optometrist can help you ensure that your eyes are vision are as good as they can be and so that you understand fully what is happening.

Vanni - the cutting edge of creative eyewear

Are you looking for glasses that are original and beautiful? Are you fed up with seeing the same boring frames? VANNI is at the cutting edge of creative eyewear. Come and see the collection exclusively at Hammond Opticians

Polarised lenses - why you should wear them

Polarised sunglasses can help protect your eyes and allow you to see more clearly and drive more safely.

Maui Jim 'Sunshine' - elegance with quality

Classic styles from Maui Jim look great on men and women, with fashion lenses and metal frames. Authentic Maui Jim sunglass lenses are made with 9 layers of protection and meant to give clarity while driving, near water, on the ski-slopes or simply when out and about.
Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

How to protect your eyes against harmful UV

This blogs explains why it is important to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and the best methods to do so

Xperio Polarising Lenses

Xperio Polarising lenses are ideal for driving, sports and other outdoor activities, and for people with light sensitivity.

Top tips on how to protect your eyes when playing sport

Without your eyes and vision, playing sports becomes much more difficult. This blog gives you valuable tips on how to protect your eyes and to maximise your visual performance which can help improve your game.

Colormatic Lenses – 50% off to help you protect your eyes and to look great

Protect your eyes this summer by using Colormatic lenses. Buy them using our summer promotion and and receive 50% off your second pair!

Which colours will suit you best?

At Hammond Opticians, you are encouraged to try different styles in various colours and we can take photographs of you wearing them and of course you can have contact lenses exclusively for choosing frame styles so you can really see what you’re trying on!