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Celebration Time – 15 years in Enfield

  Celebration Time! Come and join Hammond Opticians in celebrating all things Italian for Deven’s 15th anniversary! It’s been 15 years since Deven took over the practice so to celebrate we are having an Open Day with food, drink, surprises and a FREE prize draw for everyone who attends. Pop in and have catch up with […]

Back to school? Don’t neglect their eyes!

Sight tests for children Getting your child’s eyes checked regularly is essential for spotting issues that are treatable when caught early. Children rarely complain about their sight, but can show signs of problems with their vision. For example by: Sitting close to the TV Holding objects very close to their face Blinking a lot Rubbing […]

Is it safe to swim when wearing my contact lenses?

There are two main problems with wearing lenses when swimming. The first is that they can get easily lost as the water can float them off the surface of your eyes (obviously closing your eyes whilst under water helps reduce this risk). The other, more serious  problem is that the swimming pool water can enter into the contact lens […]

Community Opticians Week 27th July – 1st August 2015

As your local independent optician, we care about the health of your eyes. Recent research carried out by Which? revealed that independent opticians are the best places to buy glasses, with independents scoring a huge 88% for customer satisfactions on convenient appointments, punctuality,  great products and value for money. As respected member of the local […]

Why you should always choose polarised sunglasses

A polarised lens offers the following advantages over non-polarised lenses:   Improves visual comfort Improves contrast and visual clarity Reduces eyestrain Allows for true perception of colours Reduces reflections and eliminates glare   For sports such as fishing, skiing, and sailing and for driving and other outdoor leisure activities we react to what we see […]

Why you need good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes

Good sunglasses will always work by absorbing UV (A, B and C) rays from sunlight, protecting the eyes and the sensitive tissues around them from damaging radiation. They will also block brightness so you don’t squint, and if they are polarised they will also cut down on glare and increase contrast to help you see […]

7 Reasons why you should wear contact lenses

  Our Top 7 reasons for wearing contact lenses Contact lenses offer you natural all-round vision whilst enhancing your appearance Contact lenses are simple and convenient to use and expand your lifestyle choices Contact lenses offer you many advantages for sport and leisure activities Contact lenses can be worn every day, part-time or just for […]