7 Benefits of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are now available for almost everyone and offer a  great visual opportunity. 

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Here are 7 benefits of wearing contact lenses

1.       Contact lenses offer clear vision in all weather conditions without fogging up or smearing of spectacles
2.       Contact lenses can offer a safer alternative to spectacle wear in certain professions e.g. police, teachers
3.       Contact Lenses are able to offer increased lifestyle choices e.g. use when going out, visiting the hairdresser etc.
4.       Contact lenses have many advantages for sport and leisure activities e.g. cycling, gym use, walking the dog etc.
5.       Contact lenses offer a safe, effective, stable, and reversible alternative to refractive surgery
6.       Contact lenses can correct almost all eyesight conditions and are suitable for people of all ages
7.       Some eye conditions can only be corrected with contact lenses e.g. keratoconus