7 Reasons why Ortho-K Lenses Might Be Good For You

For a safer and easier solution to clear vision without glasses or laser eye surgery why not try ortho k lenses (sleep ‘n’ see contact lenses)?


1.       Ortho-k offers the freedom of clear vision all day without needing to wear contact lenses or glasses throughout the day
2.       It is a safer alternative to laser eye surgery and the procedure is reversible
3.       The treatment requires is as easy as putting a contact lens on your eyes before going to bed
4.       Ortho-k lenses are beneficial to people who work in dusty or dry environments, and experience irritation with normal contact lenses
5.       For active teens who find that contacts or glasses get in the way of social or sporting activities, ortho-k lenses are a perfect solution and can improve self-confidence
6.      These lenses are also suitable for sufferers of dry eyes and for those who find wearing contact lenses in normal conditions to be uncomfortable. 
7.       The use of ortho-k lenses may also have a benefit in avoiding further progression of myopia in adolescents and children.