7 Tips on Safe and Successful Contact Lens Wear

Contact lenses can be a great way to see better and more naturally.

To keep them safe and your eye healthy, we recommend that you should always:

1. Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses
2. Have an up-to-date pair of spectacles to wear when you need to remove your lenses
3. Only wear the lenses recommended by your optometrist and replace them at intervals specified by your practitioner
4. Have regular check-ups with your practitioner
5. Seek professional advice if you’re having problems with your contact lenses.
6. Never bring your lenses into contact with tap water
7. Ask yourself these three important questions when wearing your lenses:
  • Do my eyes look good?
  • Do my eyes feel good?
  • Can I see well?
If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all of these, or you have any other doubts about your contact lenses, remove them immediately and talk to your practitioner.