7 Top Tips on Looking after Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are used safely and successfully by many millions of people worldwide – here are 7 tips on how to do look after them

CL on finger


1. Don’t sleep while wearing contact lenses unless your practitioner advises it.
2. Don’t re-use daily disposable lenses as they’re unsuitable for repeated use.
3. Clean the storage case each week, using a clean toothbrush and contact lens solution.
4. Rinse your storage case, leave it open to dry after use each day, and replace it monthly.
5. After removing your contact lenses it’s essential that you disinfect them as this prevents harmful organisms building up on the lens.
6. Only use the care products recommended by your practitioner, and follow the instructions carefully.
7. Never wear your lenses while you’re having a shower or going swimming (unless you use good quality swimming goggles).