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Myopia Series (Part 3 of 6)

What are the benefits of Myopia Management Treatment Programmes?

What are the benefits of Myopia Management Treatment Programmes?

  • Good Vision – All current forms of Myopia Management treatment (available in the UK) offer clear vision for your child during the day, with the opportunity to reduce or stop future progression of myopia.
  • Reduced Lens Strength – The aim of Myopia Management treatment is to reduce your child’s final prescription by on average about 50%. The effect for each individual could be higher or lower than this and the long-term effectiveness is not fully understood yet. No current Myopia Management treatment can permanently stop or reverse the progression of myopia. A reduced prescription means your child will have better vision without their contact lenses or spectacles on and will need thinner and lighter lenses in their glasses.
  • Improved Eye Health – Research has shown that by reducing the spectacle prescription and slowing down the growth of the eyeball this can significantly reduce the risk of serious eye complications such as retinal detachment, myopic macular disease, cataracts and glaucoma in later life.

What are the risks of progressing Myopia?

  • Eyes with myopia have an increased risk of a number of sight-threatening eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment and there is published, scientific evidence to show that the rate of progression of myopia can be reduced in some children’s eyes, through the use of various myopia control strategies.
  • Evidence strongly suggests that an early intervention is likely to offer the best overall results.
  • Each one dioptre less myopia is associated with 40% reduction in retinal damage. So, if someone has a prescription of -5.00DS they are 40% less likely to develop problems with the retina than someone who is -6.00DS.

When is the best time to start and to stop treatment?

  • The best time to start treatment is as soon as myopia is diagnosed.
  • It is recommended that whichever myopia control strategy is being used is continued until the individual is at least 21 years of age. 90% myopes are stable by age of 21-25

What are the different options available?

  1. Spectacles for myopia management (normal specs but with special lenses). These new innovative spectacle lens designs have only been available in the UK since 2021 and are a simple, effective method of reducing the risk of developing high myopia.
  2. Night Lenses for myopia management (a contact lens worn while you sleep). These are revolutionary contact lenses (also known as OK, or orthokeratology) that are only ever worn during sleep. They allow your child to benefit from clear vision without needing any glasses or contact lenses during the day as well as reducing the risk of progression.
  3. Day lenses for myopia management (a contact lens worn during the day). These lenses worn during the day and give clear, comfortable vision as well as slowing down myopic progression.
  4. Medical. Atropine eye drops have been shown to have some benefit in slowing the progression of myopia in some studies but not others. This treatment is only currently licensed for use for research purposes within the UK.
  5. Behavioural or Lifestyle approaches. Remember the 30:30 OUT rule = balanced vision

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