Wearing contact lenses in a sauna, hot tub or spa

Can I Wear My Contact Lenses In A Sauna Or Hot Tub?

What is the best advice?

Whether you’re on holiday in a sunny resort, enjoying a sauna or relaxing in your hot tub in your garden, or treating yourself to a spa weekend, we all love to relax and bask in the warmth of saunas and steam rooms, and to have a swim in the pool. However, as a person who needs visual correction to see clearly,  this can prove challenging.

Wearing glasses is not suitable for water-related activities. They are likely to fall off or get damaged when swimming and if used in a hot tub or sauna, the heat and steam can damage the lenses and warp the frame.

An alternative would be to use contact lenses. However, although wearing contact lenses may seem to be the obvious solution, there are a few potentially serious risks with using them for these activities. We will now look at these risks and offer some practical advice on using contact lenses whilst minimising the risks.


How to wear your Contact Lenses safely when doing water based activities

What are the risks of wearing contact lenses in a sauna or hot tub?

  • Risk of infection

    The most serious problem is if water gets into your eyes and enters the space between the contact lens and your eye. This significantly increases the risk of getting an eye infection and microorganisms such as Acanthamoeba are especially dangerous. Thankfully these incidents are rare, but if your eyes do become infected with these bugs it can lead to severe pain and potentially progress very quickly to vision loss.

  • Contamination

    Chorine used in hot tubs and swimming pools can all contaminate your contact lenses and increase the risk of irritation and even infection. Remember, even though you might have your head above the water level in a hot tub, the splashing of the water can lead to contamination.

  • Drying Out

    The heat from saunas and steam rooms can dry out your lenses, resulting in discomfort, blurry vision and reduced airflow to your eyes. This can lead to longer term problems with the health of your eyes and increase the risk of getting an eye infection.

  • Losing the Lenses

    If you go swimming, your lenses can get lost as the water can float them off the surface of your eyes. Obviously, closing your eyes is not ideal. Using swimming goggles whilst under water helps reduce this risk.

What is the best advice on wearing contact lenses in a sauna or hot tub?

  • The Safest Option

    Remove your contact lenses or glasses and use water-tight swimming goggles. These can also be ordered as prescription lenses if required. For those who enjoy diving and snorkelling, prescription (and non-prescription) diving masks are also available.

  • Wearing Reusable Lenses

    If you have reusable contact lenses, make sure you add some lubricating drops as soon as you get out and then soak them overnight in disinfectant solution. Whichever option you choose, always remember to blink more frequently as this will help to moisturise your eyes and reduce the risk of infection. Find out more about our specialised contact lenses.

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