Eyecare during the Covid 19 Pandemic

We hope that you are safe and well and wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our current situation and also to remind you about some important eye care and eyewear information during the lockdown.

Obviously this has lasted far longer than any of us anticipated but we felt that listing our available services during this time may be of some reassurance.

If you have an eye emergency, need glasses repaired, replacement glasses, have any concerns about your eyes or vision, or if you need any eye drops or lid wipes etc. then let us know – we are here to help.

With current restrictions PLEASE only attend the practice in person if you have spoken to someone by telephone or email first and have been given an appointment time.


    We can still repair glasses and order replacement parts, it is very helpful if you can provide us with photos of the specs so we can assess the damage and advise on a suitable course of action.


    If glasses have been lost, we can replicate any previous order.


    We have a great range of sunglasses in stock for both adults and children. These can be purchased either with or without prescription.


    We can still order contact lenses and these can be sent directly to your home from the supplier.


    Glasses that were ordered pre-lockdown can still be collected or alternatively can be posted to you or delivered if local.


    We can still supply products for dry eyes and blepharitis such as EyeBag, Blephasol, Hycosan, Lacri-fresh etc.


    If you have any urgent symptoms such as sudden blurred vision, sudden double vision, severe headaches or eye pain, new floaters including anything like cobwebs, spiders or any sudden loss of vision, new red eye with discomfort, feeling of something being in the eye that doesn’t go away, or an eye injury then please call the practice urgently. If out of hours, leave a message with your symptoms. We will offer a telephone and or video consultation initially and will see you in person if deemed necessary.


    It can be lonely during these strange times especially in isolation. Feel free to give us a call if you need a friendly ear – it’s good to talk!

We can arrange collection of products or delivery if necessary. Please contact the practice by calling 020 8363 3578 or emailing admin@hammondopticians.co.uk. We will then be in touch to take your order, take payment by phone and arrange how to get your products to you.

Please do not neglect your eye care during these times. We remain committed to offering our telephone and video consultations not just for our patients but also for your family and loved ones, even if they are not registered at Hammond Opticians. This will be continue to be complimentary during this difficult period.

Please take care and stay safe.

With my best wishes,

Deven Lakhani