Eye safety advice for Fireworks night

Up to 10 people each year* lose their sight as a result of careless behaviour around fireworks with a further 300 estimated eye injuries caused during the season of ‘Guy Fawkes’.

At Hammond Opticians we are urging people to take greater care at this time by protecting their eyes from fireworks and bonfire flames.

Research suggests that half of all fire related injuries are suffered by children but many of these can be avoided by following a few simple precautions. 
Fireworks safety code:
  1. Buy fireworks them from a reputable retailer which meet British Standards – these will be marked BS 7114 on the box 
  2. Always keep fireworks in a closed box away from where you are launching live fireworks
  3. Follow instructions on each firework and light your fireworks at arm’s length
  4. Stand well back once lit and never go back to a lit firework
  5. Never put fireworks in your pocket and never throw them
  6. Wear gloves when using sparklers
  7. Keep all pets indoors
  8. Sparklers should ideally be held at arm’s length, and kept away from others. 
  9. Do not give sparklers to under-fives and make sure you have a container of water on hand to put the sparkler in as soon as it goes out. 
*Research supplied by the College of Optometrists


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