Eye tracking can show how drinkers pick their pint!

A researcher has been using eye tracking software to get insight into how pub-goers pick their pint.

Teaming up with a local pub, Tim Froggart, senior lecturer in marketing at Angela Ruskin university, used the software to analyse which beer pump clip received the most attention from customers, by measuring the number of eye fixations on the clip.

John Dearne, owner of the Tram Depot pub in Cambridge, said: “Tim explained that we could use eye-tracking technology to understand how pump clips attract the attention of drinkers and I was keen to put this to the test with the pump clip I designed for Tram Light, our house beer.”
A total of 20 volunteers wore the eye tracking goggles and their fixations were measured. The most popular beer, a guest ale called Artigianale by Everards, corresponded with the highest number of fixations.
Mr Dearne’s beer, Tram Light, received only 817 fixations. The results of the study suggest that when drinkers don’t know the beer, the pump clip plays an important role.
Mr Froggart said: “Although there has been quite a lot of eye-tracking research in the field of marketing, hardly any has been done in real-life situations, such as the pub. We would really like to apply some science to the art of pump clips and, ultimately, help brewers.
Deven Lakhani, Consultant Optometrist at Hammond Opticians added, “It’s well known that strong colours and attractive features will ‘draw’ our eyes to them, but it’s interesting to note how this is now being used to help many businesses learn how to better serve their customers”.


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