FREE Upgrade to Optifog lenses

Stop the Fog with Optifog with Crizal UV

Like many other spectacle wearers, you’ve probably had some experience of your glasses steaming up or fogging. This happens with sudden changes in temperature, for exampleStop the Fog with Optifog

  • When moving from a cold to a warm environment (coming indoors from outside)
  • Drinking hot beverages, or opening the oven or dishwasher
  • Participating in sports such as running, cycling or tennis
  • At work, in environments where precision and safety are a priority

This can be unsightly and problematic and can often cause a major inconvenience as we rely on instant vision at all times.

For a limited period, at Hammond Opticians, we will upgrade your new spectacle lenses for FREE to incorporate Optifog with Crizal UV*. This will stop the annoying fogging and will also give you complete protection against harmful UV radiation.

Come and speak to one of our friendly team about how you could benefit from a fog-free life with your new spectacles.

*Upgrade is from Crizal UV coated lenses to Optifog Crizal UV lenses (normal charge £40.00) and also includes an Anti-Fog Protection Pack absolutely free (normal charge £15.20). Ask in-store for lens availability. 

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