Honey drops could be used to help treat dry eye

Honey could be the answer to the discomfort of dry eye disease, according to Australian researchers.

They are set to test two honey-based therapeutic treatments for patients suffering from dry eye disease. The work follows years of research which suggest the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey may help with inflammation and discomfort associated with dry eye disease.

Manuka honey is made from the nectar of Australian Leptospermum shrubs, which are known to have antibacterial properties. These same properties are believed to be found in honey made from the plants. Eye drops containing a mixture of manuka honeys will now be used in two trials to test the properties of the honey in a clinical setting.
Optimel antibacterial manuka eye drops, which are manufactured by Australian company Melcare, have been reported to reduce inflammatory markers on the ocular surface. The impending trials will test their effectiveness against conventional clinical dry eye treatments, including lubricating eye drops, which while effective can be associated with side effects and fail to sufficiently relieve symptoms.
The first trial will involve patients who are unable to continuously wear contact lenses due to dry eye symptoms. A second, larger trial will focus on patients with meibomian gland dysfunction.
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