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How can new technology help you to see better than ever before?

At Hammond Opticians we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the very latest in lens technology. With the newest lens designs from Essilor and Rodenstock which allow our lens experts to tailor the lens design to your specific visual needs you can be sure that adaption to your new Progressive (or Varifocal) lenses is easier than ever.

Have you ever thought about what you use your eyes for the most during an average day?

What do you need to see during your day?

Research has shown that approximately 80% of daily tasks – which were termed as important to us – are within arm’s reach.

Talking to friends, family or loved ones, eating, checking social media on phones or tablets, reading a book and even cooking is within the reach of your finger tips.

A new digital measuring and consulting instrument

Using exclusive digital measuring and consulting tools, you will be asked to select your day to day tasks and pair them with lenses that are designed to maximise the areas that you’ll use the most. Of course, the remaining 20% of tasks such as driving, watching TV or sport, cinema and theatre are not forgotten! These lens designs are maximised to give natural and comfortable vision with easy adaption at all distances.

Older lens manufacturing methods use standards measurements for every pair of lenses, so with the exception of your prescription and where your eyes are placed in the frame, everything else is identical for each lens produced. However, as we all know, each face is different and so now as each lens can be made to order, your facial characteristics can taken into account giving you a totally individual pair of spectacles.

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