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New trends in glasses from Milan Fashion Week

At the end of February I had the opportunity to attend one of the largest optical trade shows in the world, MIDO in Milan.

For all my readers who are not from the optical industry, MIDO takes place once a year.

Many of the best brands from around the world, big and small, exhibit there so it is an exciting event for any eyewear lover (like myself) and for buyers in the industry. This trade fair is the optical equivalent of a fashion show and is run at the same time as Milan’s Fashion Week.

Local and multiple Opticians from UK are rarely willing to take the time out and travel to exhibitions like this. Most will generally rely on the “normal” high street brands or are restricted in what they can offer by their parent companies; very few are willing to for look new brands that have been launched.

However, I have a passion for discovering exciting and unique brands and I’m interested in unique stories behind their production. This has led me to attend shows like this so that we can deliver the latest fashions, the newest ophthalmic equipment and the very best in lens technology.

After all, this is what sets us apart from the rest.

I was totally overwhelmed by how big the show was. The three days I spent there was not enough to visit all the stands, there were literally hundreds of them. I was particularly interested in hand-crafted, unique eyewear brands from upcoming artisan designers that offer a diverse range of styles to suit different client’s personalities.

Red is the colour for the new season!

So what are the latest trends?

  • The colour trends for 2018 encourage an array of new neutrals, with the prevalence of the colour purple, with many other pastel tones from pale pink to baby blue and pistachio. These will make a huge impression for the coming season.
  • Also, the recycling of sustainable materials to make fashionable eyewear continues to be growing. There are ranges that utilise old vinyl records, real leather, buffalo horn and even bamboo. A large collection was showcased by many designers at the exhibition.
  • We have had success in stocking eyewear made purely from wood and buffalo horn already in our practice. These frames tend to be lightweight, hypo-allergenic, durable and incredibly comfortable – as well as helping in minimising carbon footprint. This is a trend that is continuing in the UK with more styles and colours being added.

    Beautiful buffalo horn frames made from sustainable materials

I have met some impressive, and upcoming designers from various parts of the world and look forward to introducing their collections to you later this year.

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