New Generation of Intelligent Lenses

The 3 most critical features of modern adaptive (self-tinting) lenses are speed, protection (UV) and colour.


The newest ColorMatic IQ lenses from German lens manufacturer, Rodenstock adapt to the light conditions of your surroundings automatically and they do so faster than comparable products in the market.


This makes them perfect for dynamic spectacle wearers and outdoors enthusiasts as well as guaranteeing relaxed and carefree vision.


They are available in the regular Grey and Brown, as well as Green and Orange for increased contrast and sun protection.

Each version offers 100% UV-A and UV-B protection (to 400nm) at each tinting stage which ensures optimum protection of the area around the eyes and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

Your benefit with ColorMatic IQ lenses at a glance:

·       Visibly faster darkening and lightening

·       Optimum glare protection through intelligent adaptation to all light conditions

·       Anti-ageing effect: 100% UV-A and UV-B protection

·       Natural vision due to true-to-nature colour reproduction       

·       Long lasting and robust

·       6 month satisfaction guarantee

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