New Vision Standards for Driving

Following a public consultation, the DVLA has confirmed the changes to the minimum eyesight standards for driving in the UK.

All drivers must still be able to read a number plate from 20 metres and can use corrective lenses to do this (spectacles or contact lenses) if required. They must also now have a minimum binocular (both eyes) vision of 6/12 on the letter chart. This minimum standard applies to all car, motorcyle, lorry and bus drivers in the UK.

The directive further stipulates that if a driver has been advised by their doctor or optmoterist that they fail to meet the required minimum standard of 6/12 with corrective lenses, they must inform the DVLA.

For more detailed information about the new vision standards click here.

There is still concern amongst eyecare professional bodies and eye charities about how effectively these changes in policy will be implemented and enforced. It further highlights the benefits for regular eye examinations and suggest that for some drivers to would be useful to have specialist field of vision tests carried out to ensure ongoing safety.

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