New Year’s Resolutions for better eyesight

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions—plans to lose weight, get organized or manage our time better. This year, make a resolution that’s easy to keep: taking better care of your eyes.

Here are some simple things you can do:

Book an eye examination

Many eye diseases don’t cause any symptoms. So a regular eye examination is a good idea even if you think your eyes are healthy. Making an appointment every January helps you remember it.

Try contact lenses

Whether it’s for your new gym membership, or for your monthly visit to the hairdressers, contact lenses can be great for seeing clearly when glasses just get in the way. Modern lenses are comfortable, healthy and affordable – so why not give them a try?
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Update your glasses prescription

Do you enjoy reading less than you used to? Get headaches or dry eyes after working at your computer? Your glasses or contact lens prescription could be outdated or wrong for your activities. Contact one of our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians to give you free advice about the most suitable pair of glasses for your individual needs.
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Protect your eyes

Even in winter, the sun’s rays can damage your eyes. Learn how to find the right sunglasses and keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays year-round.
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Prevent eye strain

A few changes in your work station or daily routine can help prevent headaches and dry, tired eyes. Occasional use of eye drops can often help reduce these symptoms.


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