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Polarised lenses – why you should wear them

Polarised lenses can help protect your eyes and improve your safety when driving

If you are keen on fishing or just like messing about on the water, then you will undoubtedly know about the benefits of polarised sunglasses. These lenses reduce reflected glare from the surfaces surrounding them, which allows you, the wearer to see more clearly and more comfortably as well as increasing the protection for your eyes.

Maui Jim Polarised sunglasses are ideal for water sports

Increasingly, the interest in this type of lens technology has soared with the knowledge of how they can provide the same benefits to anyone who spends time outdoors.

So what is different about a polarised lens compared to ‘normal’ sunglasses? 

Well, the difference needs to be seen to be believed, but the simple science behind it means that a polarised lens will cut out blinding glare giving the wearer improved clarity of vision, greater visual comfort and added protection for the delicate layers of their eyes.

A standard tinted lens will shade you from bright light (and as long it has a UV filter it will also protect you against UV rays).

However, a polarised lens also has tiny vertical filters that reflect horizontal light. This means that dangerous, glaring light is totally eliminated, giving the clearest and most comfortable vision even in the sunniest and brightest of conditions.

Glare is light that has been reflected back from a flat surface and usually across a horizontal plane – think of when someone drives past and the sharp, white blast of light causes you to squint. Often you may see the after-effects in your vision for minutes afterwards, similar to when a camera flash dazzles you! This is doubled in intensity due to the reflection and can be incredibly dangerous. A polarised lens eliminates this effect and so increases your safety when driving in bright conditions.

Polarised technology also means that colours are ‘truer’ as your vision isn’t clouded by the light bouncing around in all different directions. This is particularly beneficial for drivers and for sports players when the correct lens colour is matched. For example, brown is recommended for golf as it enhances the grass making it easier to read the contours of the Green.

It is never too late to start to think about protecting your kids’ eyes. Sun and UV protection with glare elimination should be considered for children as well.

Children should also wear polarised sunglasses to protect their eyes

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