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Maui Jim Red Sand polarised sunglasses

Located on Kaihalulu Bay (Hawai’i), Red Sand Beach is one of the only red sand beaches in the entire world.

The team is currently trying to convince Deven to take us there to confirm this!!!

Like their namesake, the Red Sand Maui Jim sunglasses are one of a kind with their combination of durability, lightweight ease-of-wear, and a variety of cool colourways to choose from.

Using a top-quality polarised lens means that you won’t be subjected to glare and it’s irritating and even dangerous effects. Additionally, your vision will benefit from increased clarity and contrast when compared to wearing non-polarised lenses.

Red Sand sunglasses are available as prescription and non-prescription options, as well as in an Asian fit which means that everyone’s needs can be covered. They are available in 2 different frame colours and 3 different lens colours the Red Sand sunglass gives you the look you desire for all occasions.

So, feel free to pop in and check out the Red Sand sunglasses or any of the other high-quality Maui Jim sunglasses we currently have in stock.

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