Top 5 mistakes to avoid to keep your eyes healthy Pt2

The Eyecare Trust has published its top ten eyecare mistakes that you should avoid if you want to maintain your eye and visual health. Parts 6-10 are shown here:
6. DON’T forget that it’s a driver’s responsibility to ensure they can pass the number plate test at ALL times. It is a legal requirement that motorists meet the visual standard for driving every time they get behind the wheel. If you require prescription eye wear for driving make sure you wear it – no matter how short your journey!
7. DON’T share face-clothes, handkerchiefs or cosmetics – you increase the risk of suffering from infection (eg: conjunctivitis).
8. NEVER leave your make up on when you go to bed. Leaving your eye make-up on over night could potentially lead to you waking up with sore or irritated eyes so it’s always advisable to remove your make-up before falling into bed – no matter how tired you’re feeling!
9. NEVER use eyecare products or cosmetics beyond their expiry date. Recent EU legislation requires cosmetic packaging to carry a symbol to indicate how long a particular product can be used after opening. Mascara will typically last three to four months.
10. DON’T put off having an eye examination. The Eyecare Trust recommends that you have an eye examination once every two years, unless otherwise advised by your optometrist. An eye examination will not only detect problems with your vision but it can also uncover a number of other underlying health problems.