Warning about childhood eye cancer for new parents

All new parents in the UK will now be informed about the warning signs relating to a dangerous childhood eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

These warning signs will now be included in children’s red books (Personal Child Health Record) which is given to all new parents.

The condition which can occur in one eye, or both eyes often results in blindness, primarily due to late diagnosis due to a lack of awareness among parents.

If parents spot anything unusual about their children’s eyes, it is always advisable to have them check by an optometrist, or GP as soon as possible.

CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) state that “we strongly encourage regular eye checks for children prior to starting school…that way, any early vision problems can be identified and there is also the chance of more serious conditions being identified earlier, increasing the prospect of retaining as much useful vision for the child as possible”.

Childhood cancer, retinoblastoma, is a rare condition which generally affects the eyes from birth to the age of six, with around 40-50 cases diagnosed in the UK annually. Early detection is essential tom offer the child the best possible chance to save their sight and their eyes.


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