Why you need good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes

Good sunglasses will always work by absorbing UV (A, B and C) rays from

sunlight, protecting the eyes and the sensitive tissues around them from
damaging radiation. They will also block brightness so you don’t squint,
and if they are polarised they will also cut down on glare and increase
contrast to help you see things quicker and more accurately.
UVA exposure can damage the retina and lens (of your eye, not your glasses),
leading to cataracts and macular degeneration. Then there are UVB rays, which
can cause skin cancer around your eyes just like it can anywhere else on the body.
(Translation: Embrace big frames.) You can also get a sunburn in your eye itself
from UVB; the technical name is photokeratitis, or snow blindness. Add to that
the wrinkling effect of squinting in the sun all the time and you have more than
enough reason to want a decent pair of shades.
Remember, even on cloudy and foggy days, there’s still UV radiation beating down
on you, so find a pair of great sunglasses you love and wear them all the time. Many
cheap sunglasses have stickers on them saying they block UV, but some of them have
poor quality lenses that block some of the light with their colour but don’t absorb
harmful UV radiation. That can actually make things worse for you, because by
making things darker, they cause your pupils to dilate (open wider), letting in even
more radiation.
Frames with a close-fitting wraparound style provide the best protection becauseMauiJim BigBeach MJ518_3
they limit how much stray sunlight reaches your eyes from above and beyond
the periphery of your sunglass lenses.
And don’t neglect your children! Research shows that damage to the eyes and
surrounding areas occurs often between the ages of 4-18. Parents are usually
good at encouraging the use of sunhats and sun cream but forget about
protecting the eyes of their children.baby-banz-sunglasses-blue
All of our sunglasses come with full UV protection, most offer polarised lenses
for additional comfort and all will be expertly fitted to your face by one of our
fully qualified dispensing opticians.
If you would like more information on which sunglasses would be best for you
why not contact one of our visual experts and we can discuss the best option
for you. Call us now on 020 8363 3578 or send us an email.