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Everyone’s eyes are unique, and we believe that when you visit us, you too should be treated as such

‘I was made to feel like valued customer and was provided with a personal level service that certain high street chain opticians have failed to meet in the past. Mr Lakhani was thorough in his examination, and took the time to explain what he was doing and why, which made it a lot easier to understand the results.’
This is just one of the many customer reviews about the comprehensive service provided by Hammond Opticians.

Most people at some point in their lives, have been to visit their optician for an eye examination and felt as if the process was rushed, and not enough time was provided to be able to ask questions and have everything explained thoroughly. It can be incredibly frustrating and can leave you feeling unsure about your prescription, or treatment.

Visiting the optician can result in a number of different outcomes. Perhaps there has been a change in your prescription and new lenses and/or frames are required, or maybe the optometrist has detected potential issues inside your eye and has referred you for further tests. At Hammond Opticians, a comprehensive eye examination is offered, which gives a valuable insight into the health of the eyes as well as into health issues that are non-ocular. We further realise the importance of ensuring our patients fully understand the findings from their visit, relevant treatment advice, or any referrals that have been made for them. Effective communication with our patients is essential to achieve this.

It is natural that patients will have a range of questions to ask at their eye test appointment. We encourage our patients to discuss their visual requirements, expectations, problems or anxieties. We believe that communication and interaction with both the optometrist and dispensing staff are important to help patients get the most out of their appointment and leave feeling satisfied that their questions have been answered and are confident in their treatment outcomes and requirements.

At your eye examination, the Optometrist will:

  • Fully explain your prescription and what it means – in a language you understand. Many times, you visit the opticians and are simply given your copy of the prescription without actually knowing how this affects your vision.
  • Go through with you the visual correction options available to you, including spectacles, contact lenses, and advise on different lens types that would be appropriate for you, such as varifocals, bifocals, or photochromic lenses. Your preferences and lifestyle requirements are important to making these decisions and you will be able to discuss with our staff if there is something that will particularly benefit you.
  • Recommend as appropriate, eye treatments that may be helpful for you as an individual based on your eye condition, prescription, and needs, and our team will be happy to go through any of these with you, to ensure you are confident you know what you are doing. New to contact lenses? We will spend the extra time providing all the tuition you need to be confident with wearing and looking after your lenses.

At Hammond Opticians, we believe that listening and taking into account your symptoms, general health issues, and concerns are equally as important as effective communication with our patients and their relatives at their eye examinations and contact lens reviews.

When you come for an examination at our practice, you will have the opportunity to have an informal chat with a member of our team before you see the optometrist. This is used to gain an understanding of how your vision has been since your last eye exam, and any problems you may be experiencing with your spectacles, contact lenses, vision, or eyes in general. All the information you provide to us will be used by the Optometrist and dispensing staff to provide the best possible care and treatment options for you.

We believe that communication with and listening to our patients does not stop when you leave the examination room! Look out for our next blog dedicated to how our dispensing team will assist you in choosing the glasses for you that are a perfect match.

In the meantime, come and experience it for yourself, call us on 020 8363 3578, email us, or pop in, to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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