Do you suffer from:

  • Dry, sore eyes?
  • Scratchy, gritty sensation in the eyes?
  • Discomfort or a feeling of dust or eyelashes in the eyes?
  • Watery eyes – especially when tired or in cold, windy weather?
  • Burning or stinging feeling when the eye waters?
  • Discomfort with contact lens wear?
  • Blurred vision?
  • Tired eyes, especially after reading or using a computer or driving for over 30 minutes?
  • Sensitivity to bright lights?

If you answered yes to one or more of these then you may be suffering for what is collectively known as Dry Eye Syndrome (“Dry Eyes”).

This is a very common problem and is estimated to affect up to 70% of the population. However, with proper investigation, effective relief from these symptoms can be achieved.

At Hammond Opticians, we offer you the opportunity to have your eyes thoroughly examined and a detailed treatment programme arranged specifically for your eyes.

Our team of Optometrists and Ocular Hygienists have undertaken extensive and specialised training by leading UK Dry Eye specialists and can now offer our exclusive Comfort Eyes Guarantee.

The Comfort Eyes Programme

What does the programme comprise?

Your first visit starts with fact finding and an investigation. You will be asked about your symptoms, when they occur, how often they occur and be asked to grade the severity.
We’ll ask you about other factors that may influence the condition such as any medical conditions you may be suffering from, the medication you use, your family history, and environmental factors.
We’ll carry out a detailed examination of your eyes which will help us to identify the root causes of your symptoms and determine the presence of any associated factors such as blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction (“eyelid disease”).

At the conclusion of this comprehensive examination, we’ll design your individual, tailor-made treatment plan and report.

Clear instructions will be given in an easy to understand format recommending the correct products and techniques to manage your condition.
We’ll contact you within 2-3 weeks of your visit to confirm that your treatment programme is providing relief from your presenting symptoms.
Follow up consultations will be scheduled to monitor progress and to fine tune your management programme over the next 3 months. A final written report with clear and concise instructions for your on-going care will be provided at this time.
For those patients who would benefit from a longer period of continued care, we offer an opportunity to join our exclusive iCare Platinum Plan.

Customer Reviews

I am very pleased with the friendly and professional service at Hammond Opticians. It was easy to arrange an appointment where an ongoing problem with dry eyes was diagnosed and an appropriate treatment plan was tailored to me.
All the staff are friendly and professional and the service and aftercare is very reassuring.
There is a good range of products and treatments for my blepharitis and lid problems and each step was fully explained and the staff assured me that I could call on them with any questions I had.

I first became aware of my eye problem when at 7.00pm at night after just a short time at my computer my eyes became gooey and my vision cloudy. I could only relieve it by washing my eyes only for it to come back within less than an hour.

I then decided to book an appointment with you. The eye check-up [Comfort Eyes Programme] was very comprehensive and reassuring. I was told exactly what to expect as various drops were used and observations made.

The treatment of my condition was carefully explained and after just two or three treatments with the eyebag, massage and drops, my eyes felt very clear and refreshed throughout the day and my vision was much clearer. After the four to six week period the re-examination showed much improvement, but the need to maintain as treatment regime. This I was willing to do because of the effect of the treatment. I have had no reccurrence of the condition since.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone …

In fact a few weeks into the treatment my wife told me of her similar problem and guess what … she came to see you [Hammond Opticians] for an examination [Comfort Eyes Programme] and the rest they say is history.

On Mr Lakhani’s advice, I had the Comfort Eyes program and have been very pleased with the results.

I have been given a routine to follow using products appropriate for my symptoms, which are all easy to use and I have seen an improvement with the itching, watering and grittiness of my eyes.

I was given the opportunity to attend for follow-up consultations which helped to ensure that the treatment was working and to alter the routine as needed.

At today’s appointment (19.12.13), I was happy to report back that ‘my eyes have never felt more comfortable’. I would most definitely recommend the Comfort Eyes Programme for anyone who has uncomfortable or watery eyes.

I have been very impressed with Hammond Opticians. A real personal service rather than just being another customer at the high street chains. I had the platinum eye test, and was very impressed with the Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT). I can really see the benefit of having this done every year as the computer software will pick up any changes in the eyes.

I had also been suffering from dry eyes for a couple of years which was getting worse. The high street chains had just recommended drops. Hammonds offered a Comfort Eye package where they had a look at the eyes and identified I had three different conditions. As part of the program, I was given a couple of treatments and two follow up consultations. The follow up consultations were really helpful as they allowed me to fine tune how to do the treatments. I really understand the dry eyes condition now and how to treat it. My eyes have certainly improved.

I was having real problems with my eyes watering, sore and having to rub them and feeling tired to the point that I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep.
After a [Comfort Eyes] consultation with Mr. Lakhani, he suggested that I try the eye drops and wipe solution.
It’s made such a difference that I have made it a routine I do every day. It’s such a relief not to have the problem any more.