Night Lenses (Ortho-K)

Contact lenses that naturally change your sight while you sleep.

At Hammond Opticians we are proud to be independent and can offer a range of Night Lens options to ensure that you have access to the very best lens treatment for your eyes.

All of these options are now available as part of one of our Myopia Management Treatment Programmes aimed for children, as well as for vision correction use for all ages.

 Change your life with Night Lenses

Night Lenses are not like glasses or contact lenses, they are life changing. Waking up every day with perfect sight and the freedom that offers. They are an amazing 4th option for people with short sight. Instead of glasses, daytime contacts or surgery, you can experience 20/20 vision using safe & reversible technology and potentially reduce the progression of myopia, and so lower your risk of eye disease in later life.

For Myopia Management using Night Lenses, your child will always be supervised when using them because they are only ever worn at night during sleep. This means that you can be completely assured that they are used properly and safely.

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”