The safe alternative to laser eye surgery.

Using patented lenses like NocturnalTM we are now able to offer a safe non-surgical process that uses specialised scientific knowledge coupled with precision technology to gently reshape the front of your eye (cornea) while you sleep.

When you wake up, NocturnalTM will have corrected the weakness in the focusing of your eye – which means that do will not have to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day to see clearly.

NocturnalTM are designed by our in-house contact lens specialists and then engineered into advanced customised lenses that actively correct your eyesight as you sleep. By providing the desired results literally overnight, NocturnalTM lenses offer huge benefits to people in specific areas of employment where spectacles or conventional contact lenses can be an inconvenience, such as diving, flying and construction.

The best of both worlds…

No contact lenses mean no problems from hayfever, dryness or discomfort – leaving you free to focus on enjoying a modern, active lifestyle.

Fitting & Wearing Schedule

NocturnalTM lenses provide a safe, convenient and risk-free alternative to laser eye surgery and are fitted in a similar way to conventional lenses by one of our fully qualified optometrists.

Contact Lenses Enfield

Appointment 1

The optometrist will check for suitability and then use a corneal topographer to accurately measure the exact contours of the eye using thousands of reference points. This data is then used to precision engineer individually tailored lenses for your precise needs.

Appointment 2

The lenses are collected and fitted and a further appointment is made for the following morning.

Appointment 3

The eyes and the lenses are thoroughly and painlessly checked using specialised microscopes and the topographer.

Appointment 4

A week later a further review is carried out to ensure that the wearer and practitioner are both satisfied with the treatment.

On-going reviews

These are scheduled at similar intervals to those for wearers of conventional contact lenses.


Absolutely not. Nocturnal lenses are specially designed for the shape of your eyes and you are not aware of them as you sleep.

Yes. The clever thing about Nocturnal lenses is that you have clear vision whether you are wearing them or not.

Another benefit of using Nocturnal lenses is that the procedure is totally reversible. If you don’t like them, you simply stop wearing them and your eyes return to normal.

If you miss one night’s wear, you will still be able to see the following day. In fact some people find that they only need to wear their Nocturnal lenses every 2nd or 3rd night.

New research from Asia indicates that of all the optical solutions used to slow down the progression of myopia (becoming more short-sighted), overnight lens wear (ortho-K) has proven to be the most successful.

Nocturnal lenses are ideal for short-sighted people including children who:

  • Want clear natural vision all day, every day
  • Want to slow down the progression of childhood myopia (short-sightedness)
  • Want freedom from contact lenses and glasses during the day
  • Are looking for a comfortable, semi-permanent alternative to correct short-sightedness
  • Find conventional contact lenses do not meet the comfort levels that their lifestyle requires
  • Play sports or have hobbies or work in an environment where contact lenses or glasses are inconvenient or unsuitable
  • Like the idea of laser eye surgery but are worried about the risks

Customer Reviews

Hammonds [Opticians] offer the best service of any opticians I’ve used. When I forgot to pick up a product, Deven simply dropped it round on his way home and they charged me for it on my next visit. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable – they’re never in a rush, and they never try to push you into buying anything.

I recently decided to try ortho-K lenses, which I first heard of through Hammonds. As someone who finds glasses annoying but never quite got used to contacts, these have been a revelation. I wear the lenses overnight, then remove them in the morning, and can see perfectly all day. It’s especially convenient for when I swim.

I’d recommend them to anybody who isn’t quite satisfied with glasses or contacts.

I have been going to Hammonds now for 20+ years for my eye tests, and cannot fault the professionalism and service I get every time I visit.
When asked if I would trial their new Nocturnal contact lenses I jumped at the chance. Simply worn overnight, and then removed in the morning, I now have corrected crystal clear vision for 24-48 hours at a time.

The after-sales care is second to none, and I would recommend these lenses to anyone that is already a contact lens user. Gone are the days of dried out lenses of an evening. Simply brilliant!

Thank you very much for fitting my nocturnal contact lenses. They work like magic and I am elated that I now have perfect vision again. You and your staff are extremely helpful and very friendly and your service is highly professional. I would recommend your nocturnal lenses very much to anyone because I really appreciates the fact that I can see perfectly without any glasses or lenses every day now. They make me feel free and I feel that these lenses have improved my life a lot. Thank you so much!