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Daily Lenses for Myopia Management

MiSight, NaturalVue and MYLO contact lenses are all new, innovative treatments to slow down the rate at which short-sightedness progress (Myopia Management).

Being soft contact lenses, they are very comfortable and children adapt to them very quickly.

In addition, we are also in the first group to have access to a revolutionary spectacle lens treatment, MiYOSMART from Hoya.

MiSight Daily Lenses for Myopia

MiSight & NaturalVue Daily Disposable

Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

Recently introduced in the UK, MiSight and NaturalVue contact lenses are soft daily disposable lenses that significantly reduce the rate of myopia progression in children as young as eight. They are worn through the day similar to a normal daily soft lens, for a minimum of six days a week. Being disposable and used on a daily basis, these exceptional lens products lessen the risk of infection, keeping your child safe.

Research data has shown that MiSight and NaturalVue one day disposable lenses have been proven to slow down myopia by 59% compared to the control group. This means that if fitted early enough with this lens, most children will end up with less than half the strength of myopia than if fitted with a conventional contact lens or spectacles.

This treatment plan is not just about visual correction. By slowing down myopia progression we are able to influence a long-term medical outcome by decreasing the chance of serious eye disease. It is known that 1 in 5 people that lose their vision completely, lose it because of myopia progression.

Mylo Myopia Management Contact Lenses

MYLO Monthly Contact Lenses

for Myopia Management

MYLO monthly contact lenses are licenced for use in Myopia Management Treatment Programmes using patented technology, which slows myopia progression and supports a comfortable wearing experience. It’s soft, flexible material ensures an excellent fit and easy handling, especially for the youngest contact lens wearers

As a monthly disposable contact lens, MYLO offers the widest range of parameters which enables it to be used for children with a much higher level of starting myopia (short-sightedness), beyond all the other treatment options currently available.

What is Myopia?

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