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Lacri-Fresh: the new way to stop your dry eye symptoms

Dry eyes are a very common condition world-wide with the exact percentage of the population who suffer difficult to accurately predict. Most experts suggest that as many as 50% of the UK’s population may have some form of dry eye symptoms. This figure is likely to be higher in older age groups, females and those who use digital devices for long periods as well as contact lens wearers.

The symptoms of dry eyes can be successfully managed with the use of artificial tear preparations and we recommend the use of Lacri-Fresh Ocu-Dry unit dose drops.


These drops are most suitable for people with mild or moderate cases of dry eye and provides relief from their symptoms.

The preparation contains glycerine which strengthens the effect and enhances lubrication with essential electrolytes that supplement the action of sodium hyaluronate which provides the necessary comfort.


They are designed for people who suffer from moderate or serious dry eyes and provide prolonged relief of their symptoms. They contain sodium hyaluronate 0.30%, glycerine and essential electrolytes.

The addition of glycerin increases and accentuates the lubrication, joining the action of sodium hyaluronate.

Both products are un-preserved unit dose preparations which means that their beneficial effect is greater with much less risk of an adverse reaction (usually caused by preservatives in dropper bottles).

These products are available from Hammond Opticians are in stock. They are both suitable for use with all types of contact lens wear and are equally helpful for non-contact lens wearers.

So if you are suffering for dry, itchy, sore or irritable eyes then don’t delay – act now and use Lacri-Fresh eyedrops to alleviate your discomfort.

If you would like a more personalised management plan then why not book an appointment with one of our optometrists?

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