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Your eyes are important – keep them healthy

Supplements can help some people keep their eyes in good health

Healthy eating is very important for protecting and safeguarding your eyes from disease and environmental factors such as:

  • use of digital devices like mobile phones, tablets & gaming consoles
  • drying out of eyes in heated rooms
  • effects from smoking
  • UV radiation

It is always best to try and have a balanced diet with all the right food groups and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and to keep hydrated by drinking enough water.

However, if this is not achievable, or there are concerns with absorption from your diet (this happens more frequently as we age) then taking dietary supplements may help to kick-start your New Year’s resolutions to take greater care of your eyes.

These 2 products are supplements that we recommend for dry eye sufferers and those individuals with an increased risk of developing macular degeneration.

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