Children’s Eyecare

Taking Care Of Young Eyes

Your child’s formative years are when most of their visual development takes place, so it is important to identify and treat any eyesight issues as early as possible. Unfortunately, children do not always realise when their eyes are not working optimally and children’s eyecare is often overlooked by parents unless there is an obvious issue.

Regular eye examinations are vital to ensure that your children do not endure poor eyesight that might affect their long-term visual performance and hinder their personal development.

Children’s Eyecare Products & Services

At Hammond Opticians we offer a complete range of eye care products and services that are tailored to suit the individual needs of your children – whatever their age and development. We are able to examine children from as young as 1 year old and would advise that parents have don’t risk their children’s eyesight by delaying this all important first eye test. This is even more important if one or both parents have visual problems, especially myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), squints (a turned eye) or amblyopia (a lazy eye).

Your children’s eyecare can be included in an iCare Family Plan or individually in an iCare Kids Plan.

Childrens eye tests in Enfield

Children’s Eye Tests

For children we offer a fun and friendly eye test that is designed to be suitable for their age and abilities. Our computerised eye testing equipment means that if your child is not yet able to read, or are perhaps lacks in confidence, we can use alternative tests to enable us to assess their eyes effectively.

It is important to have regular eye tests to ensure that any anomalies in your child’s eyes are detected and treated during their formative years (typically between 3-7 years old). If these conditions are treated early enough it can greatly reduce the impact they may have on their personal development.

In some cases, special eye exercises can be used with spectacle wear to improve long term visual care. Sometimes eye patching will be necessary to help train a poorly seeing eye.

Childrens Glasses

Children’s Glasses

At Hammond Opticians we have a choice of modern fashionable and traditional children’s frames to suit of all ages, styles and budgets. As part of our service all of children’s glasses are properly fitted to ensure that your child gets the best use and full benefit of wearing them.

Our experienced qualified Dispensing Opticians are very knowledgeable about children’s spectacles and we are often recommended to parents of children who are under the care of the local hospital eye clinics.

We are also one of the leading opticians to offer Stellest and MiYOSMART lenses. These are revolutionary lens designs which have been shown to reduce the rate of progression of myopia in children and teenagers by an average of about 60%.

Contact lenses for children

Contact Lenses For Children

Nowadays with suitable parental supervision, contact lenses often represent a very suitable option for children from as young as 6 years old.

They can be used for simple visual corrections or for myopia management and can be worn full-time or part-time. They are especially useful when children are participating in sports, physical activities, singing or performing.

Contact lens options include daily wear lenses for a comfortable, everyday experience and the revolutionary new Night Lenses which allow children to see clearly all day, without needing to wear any glasses or lenses.

Research shows that wearing contact lenses helps to improve confidence and self-belief in children and teenagers.

Keeping it ‘Cool’ for the Kids

Frames designed to appeal to your children

Our frame selection for children is vibrant and cost effective. These frames are specially designed for young people rather than just being a small adult frame.

We also have a special range of frames that are ideal for myopia management spectacles.