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Eye Testing Equipment

At Hammond Opticians we strive to keep to the forefront of new technology which enables us to offer you complete eyecare to the highest standard. Each new instrument we invest in has to meet three simple criteria:

  • Will it be beneficial for our valued clients?
  • Will it help protect their eyes and their vision?
  • Will it provide a safer, more comprehensive opportunity to safeguard their health?

All the equipment we use is vital in determining the best outcome for your eyes and visual system. Our optometrists have undertaken extensive training to ensure they can accurately analyse the scans taken and you can be sure that we will spend as much time as is necessary with you to help you understand the results and what they mean for your eyes.

OCT 3D Eye test


Scanning Technology

This latest technology has revolutionised the examination of the most important features of the eyes: namely the optic nerve (the structure that carries information from your eye to the visual centres in your brain), and the macula (the central part of the retina which gives detailed vision).

This state-of-the-art equipment provides invaluable information for both the early detection, and diagnosis of a number of eye conditions by enabling a view beneath the surface, much like an ultrasound scan.

OCT scans give an invaluable record of the health and condition of your eyes. The procedure is non-invasive, safe, easy to use and only takes a few seconds. It is suitable for all ages.

Optomap ultra-widefield retinal scans


Ultrawide-field scanning technology

The Optomap ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that instantaneously captures a huge amount of detailed information about the health of your eyes enabling detection of early signs of retinal disease more effectively and efficiently.  It is the Gold Standard to help detect retinal defects such as retinal detachments, retinal tears, and floaters.

Having an Optomap examination is fast, painless, and simple to do and is suitable for the whole family. It is less invasive than traditional systems and can generally be used without the need for dilating drops.

Topography eye examination


maps the cornea surface

This non-invasive imaging equipment produces high-quality, detailed 3D topographical “maps” of the front surface the eye (the cornea). Specifically, it checks the curvature which is critically important in determining the quality of vision and corneal health as well as establishing the likelihood of progressive myopia.

Corneal topography allows more accuracy when fitting contact lenses, as knowing how curved the front of the eyes are means the best fitting contact lenses can be obtained for you. This is especially important when fitting specialised lenses such as Night lenses which are custom made to fit each eye.

Topography is the gold standard in detecting and monitoring of conditions such as keratoconus and corneal disease.

Biometry measuring the axial length of the eye


measures the axial length of the eye

Optical biometry is a highly accurate non-invasive automated method for measuring the axial length of the eye. It is quick, easy to use and painless. It remains the gold standard for predicting the likelihood of developing myopia in children and for monitoring progression of myopia and the effectiveness of myopia management treatment especially when using Night Lenses.

If your children are starting, or are already participating in myopia management, make sure their optometrist will be using this measurement to safeguard their ocular health. We are currently the only practice in Enfield to offer this valuable service.

Pachymetry; measuring corneal thickness


measures corneal thickness

This instrument measures corneal thickness which is extremely useful to help predict those who may have a higher risk of glaucoma or OHT (Ocular Hypertension). It is simple to use and painless with a high degree of accuracy.

It is also an important consideration for refractive (laser) eye surgery and for detection of corneal diseases such as keratoconus.

Applanation tonometry

Applanation Tonometry

Eye pressure measurement

This instrument provides a more accurate eye pressure measurement, gives improved accuracy and is generally considered more comfortable than the standard ‘air-puff’ version (non-contact tonometer). It is the preferred choice of equipment used by hospital eye specialists.

Phoropter to measure your prescription


Measures your prescription

This revolutionary piece of equipment changes how we measure your prescription. Traditionally this would have been done by placing a bulky, heavy trial frame on your face and manually inserting and removing a series of lenses. This was time consuming; the frames were rarely comfortable and looking through a number of lenses at a time could impact the quality of vision.

The phoropter is fitted with the latest optical technology and is fully computerised. It has all the lenses already built into the design, ensuring that we can perform a more accurate and more efficient examination with much more comfort for you, the user.

Electronic sight test chart

Electronic Test Chart

Measures how well you can see

Digital eye charts are modern instruments that are used to measure your visual acuity (i.e., how well you can see). Traditional letter charts were developed over 100 years ago and although still widely used, they have severe limitations including an inflexibility (once you’ve seen the letters, you might remember them!).

Modern, digital computerised charts offer a variety of charts including capital letters, numbers or lower-case letters & even pictures. These different designs are invaluable to cater for all groups of people, including younger children, and for those with limited English.

The instrument can be standardised to adapt to the local environment (such as room dimensions and illumination) giving much greater accuracy when measuring the visual acuity and it is very easy to use. Best of all, it can utilise randomised letters – so there is no cheating!

Visioffice - 3D measurements of the positioning and movement of your eyes.


Measures movement & position

This is an exceptional optical measuring system that offers dynamic 3D measurements of the positioning and movement of your eyes. No longer do we need to measure your eyes using an old-fashioned ruler, but instead, by using the highest quality digital technology we can obtain highly accurate measurements and provide you with HD vision with your new glasses.

Our qualified, experienced dispensing team will use this specialised computer equipment to take additional measurements of the anatomy and positioning of your eyes, and natural posture as well as the way would normally wear your frames on your face. By taking into account these factors, along with 11 unique measurements for each eye, you can now benefit from bespoke, personalised lenses to further enhance your vision.