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Do you value your vision? Are you concerned about the health of your eyes?

You should make the Optomap ultra-widefield retinal scanner part of your enhanced eye examination at Hammond Opticians.

Retinal diseases that occur away from the central area can easily be missed with standard methods but with the Optomap ultra-widefield retinal scanner early detection of peripheral diseases mean treatment can be initiated early, thereby reducing the risk of sight problems.

The procedure is very easy to perform, requires no dilating eyedrops and is completely painless – it is even suitable for children as young as 4!

The scanner captures approx. 200⁰ view of the retina which equates to about 82% of the total area of the retina in one image. This scan takes less than half a second and is completely painless and non-invasive (eyedrops are not needed). Optomap Retinal Scans

This level of information is far superior to traditional methods such as a fundus camera (often seen on adverts for other opticians) which only captures about 45⁰ view or 15% of the retina. The Optomap ultra-widefield retinal scanner is only available at Hammond Opticians (in the Enfield area).

When having an optomap retinal exam, you will be positioned in front of the instrument and asked to view a target inside, each eye in turn. Positioning is very important and the optometrist may need to adjust your head slightly to get you into the correct position. A few scans will be taken and the best two are usually saved for each eye. The optometrist will then explain the image in the consulting room to you on a wide screen TV so that you can see inside your own eye.

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It is a fantastic way to monitor changes from year to year or to monitor progression of any anomaly and our expert optometrists recommend it for everyone who has an eye test – young and old.

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For more information about the Optomap ultra-widefield scanning technology visit our YouTube channel.

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