Eyewear Styling Consultations

A little help creating your own style

We have created our Eyewear Styling Consultation to help you discover your style personality so that you can be confident that you are wearing the perfect eyewear styles to suit you. It will help you choose eyewear that reflects who YOU are and will enhance your overall image and self-confidence.

Your glasses are part of your unique look and are usually the first thing someone notices about you! Of course, they should feel comfortable, but we also believe that they should complement your style, express who you are and make you feel good about yourself!

We also know that many people struggle to choose eyewear or dislike how they look in glasses so at Hammond Opticians, we want to help you find your perfect pairs of glasses (sometimes one pair just isn’t enough!). To do this, we offer you a dedicated, one-hour Eyewear Styling Consultation with one of our fully trained & industry qualified Eyewear Stylists.

Our aim is to create an exceptional experience that is 100% focused on YOU, so that you are inspired to put on your eyewear and have great fun choosing them!