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Make night time driving easier with Road lenses from Hammond Opticians

Many people experience problems driving at night or in poor visibility and feel unsafe. The Road lens from Rodenstock really is the perfect lens design for all kinds of motorists. Driving can pose a number of visual complaints. These range from the reflections off the road surfaces and headlights, decreased contrast and visual acuity at night, and dazzling headlights of oncoming vehicles all of which can greatly impede vision.

Road lenses from Rodenstock – the prefect solution for drivers

At Hammond Opticians, we recommend the Impression Road (all-distance vision) and Impression Mono Road (single vision) lenses as the ideal solution to all your driving struggles and worries. These lenses are specially designed to offer solutions to the following problems:

  • Decreased vision at night: Also known as Night Myopia where increased pupil sizes in darker conditions lead to aberrations within the eye. Road lens technology takes this into account and optimises the prescription data, so you can see clearly on the road.
  • Reduction in sharpness when looking from different angles: Most noticeable in higher prescriptions – when looking laterally through your lens, peripheral distortions lead to blurred vision. In Road single vision lenses, you experience clear vision right up to the edges, giving you a perfect overview.
  • Blinding headlights and disturbing reflections: With the majority of car headlights emitting artificial blue light and vehicles from behind producing troubling reflections, Road lenses offer combined tint and anti-reflective coatings to combat these issues, and hence improve contrast and clarity, especially in darker conditions.

Are you a motorist and feel that you would benefit from a lens designed especially for drivers like you?

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