The iSavings Plan can be added to any of our great iPlans to allow for easier budgeting and convenience. There is no extra charge for this and we’ll even reward you with a bonus!*

Each of these plans allows you to accumulate towards your next purchase at Hammond Opticians and accrue a further credit of up to 12.5% of the balance saved absolutely free*

What’s included for iSavings?Annual savingsBonus % (after 12 months)Bonus AddedTotal to spend*
Extra £5.00 pm£60.005£3.00£63.00
Extra £10.00 pm£120.007.5£9.00£129.00
Extra £15.00 pm£180.0010£18.00 £198.00
Extra £20.00 pm£240.0012.5£30.00£270.00

*The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn or refunded and is only available after 12 consecutive direct debits have been taken.


This plan is designed to be used in combination with the iComplete and iContacts Plans, although it can be tailored to suit the iCare range for individuals who wish to obtain care products on a regular supply. We can add contact lens supply as well as contact lens solutions plus any other drops or lid treatments that may be needed. Please ask one of our helpful staff for details.