Optometrist Deven Lakhani of Hammond Opticians answers questions about myopia

Myopia FAQ’s

Frequently asked question about Myopia

Our multi-award-winning practice has received several accolades for our work in controlling myopia and we are considered as experts in this field. Here business owner and lead optometrist Deven Lakhani answers the most frequently asked questions about myopia, myopia management and the treatments available to those with the eye condition.

What is myopia (short-sightedness)?

Myopia is more commonly known as short-sightedness and is a condition where people can’t see objects clearly that are far away (e.g. text on a TV, number plates or road signs when driving or the whiteboard in a classroom).

Myopia is usually caused by the eye being longer than average creating a blurred, out-of-focus image on the back of the eye (retina).

What causes myopia?

There are several risk factors which can increase the likelihood of your child developing progressive myopia:

  • Developing myopia at a young age
  • Having parents who are myopic
  • Being of Asian Ethnicity (especially East Asian)
  • Doing lots of near visual work such as reading, using a phone or a computer
  • Spending little time outdoors in ‘natural light’

Understanding myopia

A short video explaining the condition