Prescription Lenses

Prescription Lenses

We offer a choice of lens types

At Hammond Opticians we are committed to offering the best choice of prescription glasses with expert advice and excellent service in the local area.

We offer prescription glasses for all ages, sizes, styles and budgets with a choice of the latest spectacle frames and lenses. We aim to ensure that your prescription glasses are not only suitable for your individual vision and their intended purpose, but that they suit your own personal taste. We endeavour to make you to feel comfortable, confident and assured in wearing your glasses.

Once you have chosen your new frames, what about the lenses?

As an independent community practice we choose the suppliers that we work with and so are able to supply clients with the best lenses for their needs. Choosing the right lenses for your prescription glasses can really enhance your eyesight. Not all lenses are the same so our optometrist and experienced staff are on hand provide professional advice on the various lens options available, which include:

  • Cosmetic Lenses

    Thinner, lighter lenses that deliver great visual performance.

  • Reflection-free lens finishes

    Protect your eyes and the purity of your sight by removing light reflections and lens glare.

  • Transitions Lenses

    Adaptive tint technology that allow your eyes to adapt to changing lighting conditions.

  • Varifocal Lenses

    The modern version of bifocal lenses with variable focussing areas that can be individually tailored to provide more stable vision for driving, reading and computer use.

  • Personalised Lenses

    Fully personalised lenses that offer the very best in vision, whatever your needs.

  • Measuring for frames

    Your new lenses need to be accurately fitted in your new frames for optimum visual performance


If you’re aged 40 or over, you probably will need glasses to help you see your phone, read small print, or help you with threading a needle. If this is you, why advertise your age with bifocals or trifocals which are old technology? Line-free progressive lenses (varifocals) provide clear vision at all distances and give mature adults a more youthful appearance.

Your journey into the world of varifocals will start by choosing a frame. One of our qualified staff will help you choose a frame that not only looks good on you but also feels comfortable for you. Modern or retro, large or small, your new varifocals can be fitted to almost all frames.

Why choose Varifocals?

How varifocals can benefit you

  • New Designs

    There are newer designs that are easy to adapt to & offer clear, comfortable vision for all tasks.

  • 30 Day Exchange Policy

    If you’re new to varifocals or haven’t succeeded with them before, then our 30 day no quibble exchange policy will give you peace of mind.

  • Cosmetic Appearance

    For a more cosmetically pleasing appearance, they are available in thinner, lighter materials.

  • Photochromic Lenses

    Photochromic options in a wide range of colours are available.

  • Protection

    They are available as polarised lenses for the best sun and UV protection.

Which type of varifocals you would like?

All varifocals allow you to read, look at your computer, and see into the far distance. The differences between different designs is the amount of area available for you to be able to see clearly and comfortably; the very best designs give you the most comfortable and clear, natural vision making it easy to adapt to wearing varifocals. Our qualified staff will help you decide which lens is most suitable for you depending on your personal needs.

Once you have chosen a suitable lens your eyes will then be measured using the most up to date, high-tech instruments. This is painless and quick but is a very important part of your consultation as the accuracy of these measurements will enable you to see clearly in all areas. This state-of-the-art equipment will allow even greater degree of precision which will ensure that you achieve the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

Collecting your varifocals

Once your new varifocals have arrived, you’ll be offered a personal collection appointment with one of our qualified staff to have your spectacles fitted. As soon as you put on your new varifocals you’ll be amazed at the clarity and sharpness of your vision – and because it’s all blended, you won’t have any unsightly lines across your lenses.

To further refine your vision, why not upgrade to a personalised varifocal lens?

You’ll also have the benefit from our no-quibble guarantee on your new lenses – so confident are we that you will enjoy your new, more natural vision.

So, what are you waiting for, you’ve got nothing to lose! Call us now on 020 8363 3578 for more information or to book an eye test.

Smart lens options

If you’re over age 40 and have presbyopia (the need for reading glasses), general-purpose progressive lenses or bifocals usually aren’t the best choice for specific tasks such as computer use. This is because these multifocal lenses don’t have a large section of the lens dedicated to the “intermediate” distance typically used for viewing computers and digital devices.

A better solution is a separate pair of computer glasses with single vision lenses specifically prescribed for this intermediate viewing distance, or Smart lenses (previously called “office” or “computer” lenses) which have the largest section of the lens designed for this distance giving the most comfortable vision and reducing eyestrain and postural problems.


Photochromic lenses that automatically darken in sunlight are a great choice if you spend time outdoors and don’t always want to carry a pair of sunglasses with you. Alternatively, have a look at our unique Convertibles range of spectacle frames with a bespoke, easy-to-use polarised magnetic clip-on.


Reflection-free coatings should always be your preferred choice for your lenses. This clear coating improves the cosmetic appearance of your glasses by eliminating annoying reflections, enabling people to see your eyes more clearly and improving contrast and clarity, especially at night. These are now available in an easy-clean and anti-fog option.

Lens Materials

For thinner, lighter, more attractive lenses, choose high-index plastic lenses which are more comfortable to wear, safer for your eyes and provide excellent, clear vision. These lenses are also better for rimless glasses due to their increased strength.

Glass lenses are rarely used nowadays because of their weight and reduced safety profile against impact. They are mainly used in very high myopic prescriptions when other alternatives are not suitable.

Polycarbonate / Trivex lenses. These materials are lighter and significantly more impact-resistant than standard plastic, making it a preferred material for children’s eyewear, rimless glasses, and sports eyewear.

Bespoke Tailored Spectacle Frames

Have you ever wanted a pair of prescription glasses that just fit you perfectly? – Something made to measure for your face, rather than off the shelf?

With our fully bespoke tailored service we can create the frames of your dreams. Our frame experts will take over 10 additional measurements to enable the spectacle frame to be made to match your features.

This service can also be used to make frames of a totally unique and individual colour and shape – something that really helps you stand out of the crowd.

A lady being helped with a prescription fitting

Fitting Service

Professional advice, consideration and care.

Choosing your frames and lenses is not the end of the process. Our prescription glasses fitting service is designed to make sure that all of our clients make the most of their eye wear.

When your prescription glasses are ready for collection we will ensure that they are fitted correctly, though you can return as often as you like should your frames need adjusting. At Hammond Opticians we offer an unequivocal, no quibble 100% guarantee on all spectacle purchases for 12 months.

Personal Eyewear Styling Consultation

Choosing a look that suits you is easier when you know how!

Our personalised eyewear styling consultation helps you make the process of choosing glasses easier. Using our expert knowledge will allow us to define for you which shape, style and colour of eyewear would work best for you from our exclusive collection of frames.

The consultation takes up to one hour and will show you all the eyewear style possibilities that are suitable for you. It will make it easy for you to make a decision on your new glasses and the experience is designed to be very relaxed and enjoyable for you, and there’s no obligation to buy at the end of it.