Eye wear for vision and protection in the sun

At Hammond Opticians we believe that effective eye care goes far beyond visual correction lenses.

With repeated exposure to the sun, it is important to protect your eyes from bright light and ultraviolet radiation. We recommend that in order to protect your eyes effectively you really should be wearing sunglasses with UV protection and polarised lenses regardless of whether they are normal or prescription sunglasses. Protecting our eyes is a concern for all of us, but more particularly for young children, as their eyes are more susceptible to damage.

Why do I need UVA and UVB protection or polarised lenses in my sunglasses?

Ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) radiation from the sun causes the most damage to our eyes. Ironically though many people wear tinted sunglasses they are actually causing more damage to their eyes than not wearing glasses at all because they do not have the appropriate UV protection and polarised lenses. Simply put; the tint in the glass dims the light and your eyes are then able to open wider which without UV protection means that they are exposed to the damaging ultraviolet.

Apart from having UV lenses in your sunglasses, polarised lenses can also protect your eyes from harsh reflections, which can also cause damage the eyes.

Extensive Choice

We have an extensive range of designer sunglasses for you to choose from in store. All of our sunglasses come with standard UV protection. Our range of designer glasses includes: Fendi, Calvin Klein, D&G, Prada, Sean John and Maui Jim.

Prescription Sunglasses

We are also able to make prescription sunglasses, so that you can have all the benefits of your normal prescription glasses with the added protection for your eyes. Please speak to our optometrist for more information.

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