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Colormatic Lenses – protect your eyes and look great

Now available at half-price as part of our great summer promotion

Protecting your eyes from UV or the glare of the sun is essential.

For an outdoors lifestyle or when on holiday, polarised sunglasses would always be the best option for protecting your precious eyes.

But when the weather is changing (well, we do live in England) or if you are constantly moving from indoor to outdoor activities, this precaution can become less helpful due to the need to change from your sunglasses to your regular glasses. This is where the real value of photochromic (light adaptive) lenses becomes apparent.

Perfect for an environment where lighting is not consistent, these lenses stay clear indoors and quickly change into a darker shade when you move into the sun and outdoors.

Colormatic in town

Colormatic lenses in an urban setting…

Without you even realising, they let in just the right amount of light in all situations: sunny, overcast, indoor activities… And the result: more eye protection and less fatigue in a single pair of glasses.

Now with our great summer promotion, you can receive 50% off your next pair of photochromic lenses.

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