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I had an eye test and bought my last pair of glasses from Hammond’s – great friendly customer service and fabulous specs. I can highly recommend you pay them a visit next time your eye test is due!

I have used Hammond Opticians for 15 years with no problems and always had excellent service. The staff are always helpful, the premises clean and tidy and with a very good selection of frames.

Philip and I were very impressed with our visit on Saturday. Thanks again, and we will be recommending you to everyone! Love the professionalism and care, and a great selection of glasses. Issy loved the Kiddies Corner too, great to put children at ease.

Once you have tried Hammond Opticians you will not want to go anywhere else. I feel totally confident that I am in expert hands with Deven Lakhani. His professionalism and knowledge is exemplary and he takes time to be proactive and explain all aspects of his examination to me. The quality of the eye test is second to none and I would urge anyone who would want a serious eye test to book themselves in.

Friendly, professional staff who are always happy to help. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hammond Opticians.

Lovely people! Very pleased with all the treatment we have had. We feel very confident with the treatment and advice

Great guys to deal with.

All of the above + the service and treatment has done nothing but improve from 1962 to the present day

I am a long standing patient and have experienced excellent attention. As a diabetic the High Tech equipment ensures that I have a thorough eye test and easy to understand explanations of the results. The choice of frames and other products are excellent. The staff are always helpful, friendly and considerate and I highly recommend this practice.

I have been a client at Hammond Opticians for  the past four (4) years , and I must say the level of service is exceptional , ‘I am treated as though I am their only client.’  Deven’s attention to detail is second to none, and he leads a great team, who are prefessional and friendly at all times . It’s certainly reassuring to know that whatever my eyecare needs, Hammond Opticians is just a phone call away

Everything absolutely superb- service really great.

It’s always a pleasure to come for my annual visit! I’m always treated very well!

It’s always been very nice coming for my annual visits, always been very friendly.”

A great opticians with very friendly staff who are always willing to help us!

A long-term customer of Hammond Opticians, always a friendly, professional service.

I’ve been a client of Hammond Opticians for some years and have always been treated with the utmost courtesy, skill and friendliness. The range of up-to-date equipment is most impressive, not least the invaluable Optomap

Thank you for an excellent service, once again. Your practice is bright and spacious. Yourself and the staff are very friendly and welcoming, and put the patients at ease.

Thank you very much for fitting my nocturnal contact lenses.  They work like magic and I am elated that I now have perfect vision again.  You and your staff are extremely helpful and very friendly and your service is highly professional.  I would recommend your nocturnal lenses very much to anyone because I really appreciates the fact that I can see perfectly without any glasses or lenses every day now. They make me feel free and I feel that these lenses have improved my life a lot. Thank you so much.

I have fairly subtle defects with my eyes which for the last few years have lead to terrible headaches, an inability to concentrate and, a good deal of time over the last few years looking for an optician capable of correctly analysing the problem and prescribing appropriate glasses.
I have seen the extremes of ophthalmic attempts – from being given a pair of two pound plastic “reading glasses” to MRI scans of my brain looking for problems in the old grey matter.
Finally, on coming to Hammond Opticians, from the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with warm professionalism and treated to the highest standards of care. The Optician took his time to explain what he was looking for, and I left with a prescription which I hoped would help correct my eyesight and, most importantly, allow me to read and work without tiredness or headaches; and some simple suggestions for techniques I could use every day to relax my eyes and reduce the stress on them.
I live abroad, but was assured that sending my glasses overseas wouldn’t be a problem. They arrived in good time and I have been wearing them when needed for a month now. My headaches have almost entirely cleared up and the worst thing about going to work is no longer the tiredness from overworked eyes.
Many thanks for all your help, professionalism and, most importantly, correct prescription.

Hammond Opticians offer a professional and caring service which is second to none. My eye test was a thoroughly completed and results explained at length which was very reassuring. I was made aware of the options available from sunglasses to spectacles and contact lenses. There was a wealth of products to choose from and the staff were very helpful, informative and patient. I choose new frames and lenses as well as prescription sunglasses which are a real asset when driving. I am also trialling some contact lenses and feel that Hammonds have given me an all round service with options available to choose from without any pressure. I also signed up to the payment plan which gives discounts and is a very reasonable way to pay throughout the year. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hammonds for their unique service and customer care

I have needed assistance with my vision for the last 10 years and initially wore glasses. I have an active outside employment and found that glasses were not always best to wear all the time.

Deven recommended I tried contact lenses and gave me a variety of lenses to try to see which ones were the most comfortable. I chose daily disposal lenses. This was quite an expensive option due to the cost of new lenses every day. Deven and his team gave me the best payment options available which suited me and was affordable.

I moved away from Enfield a few years ago but keep returning for regular check ups as i trust Deven’s assessment/services and thankfully he is able to send me my repeat lenses through the post.

As time went on and the money belt tightened, Deven suggested i tried Nocturnal lenses. I had never heard of these before and Deven and his team took their time and fully explained them to me, how they work and what happens when they are worn etc.

The lenses are a lot cheaper as i only need 1 pair rather than 365 pairs a year. Deven fully explained what the possible problems/failures are and i decided they weren’t enough to bother me so i tried them. These nocturnal lenses have prove to be the best choice i could have made with them being comfortable to wear at night andfantastic vision during the day. Not to mention the lower cost.

I have recommended Hammond’s in Enfield to friends and family and will continue to. Both my Grandmother and partner use Hammond’s and are very happy with Deven and his teams help.

Many Thanks!

As a patient of Hammond Optician’s for … years, I am very happy to recommend the practice without reservation. It is independent retailing at its best, incorporating warm personal service with the highest professional standards. With just the right blend of courtesy, formality and friendliness during consultations Mr. Lakhani puts me at my ease, makes sure that I am comfortable and explains exactly every step in the proceedings. He conducts the eye examination with accuracy, patience, care and utter propriety. I trust his professional judgment absolutely and it is very reassuring to have an optician who knows me as an individual and who is familiar with my case history. The practice regularly updates the equipment used both in eye examinations and in accurate measurement of spectacles. The use of the latest technology to monitor the health of the eyes, and the clear explanation of the results found give great peace of mind. The Eyeplan scheme, with relatively modest monthly payments is an excellent way of reducing the cost of eye related purchases and I did not feel pressurised into participating in the scheme For both Mr. Lakhani and the rest of the team, nothing is too much trouble. Immense care is taken over the specification and exact positioning of lenses, and although mine are very high-powered, I am advised with great sensitivity to opt for lenses which look very flattering. I have complete confidence in the professional judgment of the dispensing opticians and have always been extremely satisfied by the procedure and the end result. If there are only minor changes in my vision, Mr. Lakhani suggests that I retain my current lenses unless I wish to change frames, but there is no pressure to do this either, which is very impressive. I am guided in my choice of frames instead of being left to my own devices, and I am very impressed by how well the dispensers know what will suit me. Suppliers are readily contacted with queries and spectacles, even with complex lenses, are quickly obtained. It does not matter how often I return to have new or damaged spectacles adjusted; there is the same smiling welcome and speedy efficient adjustments and repairs carried out immediately and with amazing technical skill. Telephone enquiries are conducted in a pleasant, courteous and efficient manner. Visits to an optician’s can be daunting, but at Hammond’s I feel that I am among friends

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