Smart Lenses

Specialised Task Specific Eyewear

These are glasses designed specifically for certain tasks which can help you optimize your vision for nearly any scenario. While “one size fits all” might be true in some situations, it’s rare that one pair of spectacles is adequate for all activities of a busy modern lifestyle.

Examples of specialised eyewear include computer glasses, driving glasses and sports eyewear.

Smart Glasses for Work & Hobbies

Some people discover that their regular glasses are fine for daily tasks but are not suitable for absolutely everything they do. For example, visually intensive tasks associated with their job or hobbies may require a separate pair of spectacles to help improve vision, visual comfort or even to aid with posture, enabling these tasks to be easier and more comfortable.

Smart glasses for work-related tasks used to be called occupational lenses and those for hobbies were known as ergonomic designs.

Common examples are having a Boost lens that is engineered for modern life with using multiple digital devices. It provides an extra ‘boost’ to the lower part of the lens, allowing people to use their phones and computers with greater comfort.

Blended Smart lenses offer greater flexibility for viewing over multiple areas and have been found to be tremendously helpful for musicians who play in an orchestra or band and people who sit at a desk using a screen for long periods.

For added protection, a blue-light refraction-free surface is advised to keep the eyes healthier and more comfortable.

contact lenses for daily use whilst working and relaxing

Smart Glasses for Computer Use

The more time you spend at a computer, the more you risk developing eye strain and other symptoms of asthenopia. That is because when you are using a computer, your eyes need to remain focused and perfectly aligned at a specific distance for long periods of time. Additionally, the light-emitting display of a computer or other digital device can tire your eyes more quickly than reading a printed source, like a book, magazine, or newspaper.

Smart glasses for computer use are designed specifically for intermediate and close-up distances, the zones most associated with deskwork and screen use. They offer you the best correction for these distances and help you avoid what’s becoming known as “digital eye strain” — eye fatigue and discomfort associated with the use of computers, smartphones, and other digital devices.

Whatever lens design you choose, your Smart (computer) glasses should include a reflection-free surface to improve your eye’s ability to see clearly and our eye experts can help you choose the best design for you, based on your specific needs.

Driving lenses

Driving Glasses

Driving glasses come in two categories: sunglasses designed specifically for driving and prescription glasses which are designed to help with glare from night lights including on-coming headlights.

Sunglasses for driving feature polarised lenses that reduce glare and make it easier to see in bright sunlight. Research shows that by minimising glare, there is a reduction in the number of road traffic accidents.

Prescription glasses for driving include a special type of reflection-free finish that reduces glare from headlights and streetlights and allows more light to enter your eyes for better vision when driving at night.

Both options promote safer driving and reduce the risk of accidents.

Prescription lenses for water sports

Sports Eyewear

Sport-specific eyewear can enhance performance by improving your visual clarity while protecting your eyes from injury. Within this category, you’ll find both normal glasses and sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses (polycarbonate or Trivex) and some with specific tints which can enable you to improve your visual performance for sports, such as on the tennis court, golf course or the slopes (skiing & snowboarding).

Stellest Lenses by Essilor

Spectacles for Myopia Management

These are specially designed to slow or prevent the progression of myopia (short sight). There are 2 main brands of Myopia Management spectacles, and both have been scientifically shown to reduce the rate of progression of myopia in children by an average of about 60%. At Hammond Opticians, we are accredited to fit and supply both types of Myopia Management lenses, MiYOSMART from Hoya and Stellest from Essilor.

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