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offering a range of lenses for different eye conditions.

As a specialist contact lens practice, we offer a wide range of contact lenses that can be used to correct most types of vision impairments, even those complex cases that are often neglected by many high street opticians. These include high levels of astigmatism, long and short sight and presbyopia (the need for reading glasses).

We even have Night Lenses that can help correct your vision whilst you sleep (Ortho K) and Myopia Management contact lenses that allow the opportunity to reduce the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children.

Contact lenses Enfield

Contact Lenses for Visual Correction

These lenses are specially designed and customized to help you manage your complex visual problems including astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia (short-sight) and hyperopia (long-sight). They are individually crafted, high-quality, precision contact lenses custom made for each and every eye.

The uniqueness of each eye is why a more personalised approach involving custom-made soft lenses is required to optimally fit eyes that are more complex in nature.

These ‘extra-ordinary’ eyes require a careful, individual assessment and understanding of your personal needs to enable contact lenses to be fitted successfully.

If you have previously been told that you were unsuitable for contact lens wear and would like to discuss the opportunities that custom-designed lenses offer, then call us now to book your personalised contact lens assessment.

Contact lenses for children

Contact Lenses for Children

Modern contact lenses often represent a very suitable option for children, from as young as 7 years old. Contact lenses for children can be used for full-time or part-time use. Research has shown that children who wear contact lenses gain improved confidence and social acceptance.

They can be particularly useful for when children are participating in sport, physical activities, singing or performing. For myopic children (those with short-sightedness), we are able to offer specialised contact lenses for Myopia Management.

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Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

Myopia is predicted to be one of the biggest causes of preventable blindness in the future. There are now treatments available to try to manage the rate of progression and reduce the risk of long-term complications. At Hammond Opticians we are pleased to be able to offer a range of contact lenses which are licensed for Myopia Management.