Specialist Eye Tests

Examinations for specific conditions

Eye examinations are a vital way to check on the health of your eyes, but they can also be one of the most effective means of diagnosing many other non-ocular health conditions.

At Hammond Opticians our expert optometrists use the most advanced and specialised technology on site to check and ensure the health of your eyes and perhaps even identify other health related issues.

Vision-related eye conditions

DVLA Approved Binocular Field of Vision Tests

Hammond Opticians have been providing binocular field of vision tests for drivers for many years. These tests are typically used to indicate whether a driver is fit to hold a licence and safely drive a vehicle but can of course be used for the benefit of your own safety and assurance. The test is painless and is carried out using a special field screening instrument which is licenced by the DVLA.  More information on the vision standards for driving can be found here.

Visual Stability Tests

Sometimes providing vision correction (glasses, contact lenses) is only part of the solution. In some cases, further investigation can highlight problems with eye muscle balance, poor tracking and focusing and difficulty in eye pointing. At Hammond Opticians our specially trained optometrists can offer help and advice for individuals who suffer from eyestrain, headaches, problems with words ‘jumping’ and can often provide a series of eye exercises to help manage the underlying problem.

Ocular Health

  • Anterior Eye Conditions (“front of the eye”)
  • Posterior Eye Conditions (“back of the eye”)