Sports Eyewear

Keep your eye on the game

If you are a keen amateur sports enthusiast but have trouble with your vision then we can help you see better and safer with appropriate sports eyewear. This might be prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, sport-specific eyewear or contact lenses.

There are many benefits to wearing appropriate vision correction eyewear. On this page we will take you through some of the eyewear options available. If you are looking for expert advice based on your prescription and site requirements, please contact us to find out more, or to arrange an appointment with one of our team, who will be happy to offer their expert advice.

Why should I use sports-specific eyewear?

There are many benefits to wearing appropriate vision correction eyewear.

  • Better Vision

    Maintain clear, uninterrupted vision

  • Protection

    Spectacles and sunglasses can help protect your eyes from injury by a projectile, such as a ball, hitting you in the eyes.

  • Enjoyment

    It will allow you to enjoy participating in your chosen activities as better vision means a happier experience.

  • UV Protection

    Sunglasses, spectacle lenses and even contact lenses can protect your eyes from Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. Lots of surfaces, including water and snow reflect light so your sunglasses can provide full UV protection. By choosing a suitable tint, you will also be able to see more clearly and with greater contrast.

  • Keep your eyes clean

    Lenses and glasses can protect your eyes from dust that may spring up from playing the sport

  • Performance

    Clear vision can help to improve your performance.


    Reducing smearing of your lenses in wet weather / water-based activities. Spectacle lenses and sunglasses can be supplied with a hydrophobic coating. This makes the lenses resistant to water and reduces the problem with smearing or fogging of the surface giving you clearer and more comfortable vision.