80th Birthday comments and testimonials

"Thank you for a happy Saturday.” – Brian & Jennifer Claussen

“Good to have the time for a chat. Congratulations on the 80 years and look forward to many more.” – Christine Harvey
“Nice to talk to Deven & staff.” – Alan Thorndyke
“Lovely idea from fantastic people. Happy 80th birthday!” – Frances Edge
“Wonderful idea- thoroughly enjoyed meeting other ‘clients’. Happy 80th!” Jean Saunders
“Thank you for today, the wonderful service in the past. Look forward to the next 80!!” – Margaret & Tom Lambe
“Thank you so much for the Champagne! Congratulations!” – Ann, Chloe & Lydia Gibson
“Thank you for a lovely day, and the wonderful service you always give with a smile.” – Mary Foy
“Thanks for all your help over the years, always a pleasure to come in to the warm welcome.” – Andrea & Jan Auduc
“Thank you all for help and understanding. What a lovely day.” – Margaret Murphy
“Lovely day, great people. Congratulations on reaching 80.” – Michelle Walker
“Very relaxing day, met lots of new people. Congratulations!” – Theresa Walker
“Congratulations! What a lovely idea to meet up with staff and clients. Many thanks for your excellent care.” – Saul & Mariam Banerjee
“Congratulations. Excellent idea.” – Wendy Barford
“Always a pleasure to be ‘served’. Delightful, knowledgeable people.” – Malcolm & Claire Maclannan
“Lovely day, very relaxing. Met nice people and have a good day. Congratulations.” – David Walker


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